Jared Carrier

Hello, and thankyou for visiting our website!  

      My name is Jared Carrier and I'd like to give you a little background on myself. The first few years of my life were just as anyone elses. I played sports and studied hard in school, but by the time I was 8 or 9 years old I was searching for a new activity to keep me busy. What really peaked my interest was when I watched my father play music. With the constant exposure to music my dad would play, I was already half-way to becoming a musician. When I turned 10, my father decided to give guitar lessons to a small group of kids and myself. I was the youngest of the group, but playing the guitar seemed to come easy to me. My dad told me multiple times that I picked it up like a natural. I guess it runs in the family! 


      I am going to skip forward a few years to my high school days. My teenage years consisted of studying, sports, and music, and I am glad to say I enjoyed every minute of it. Skip forward a few more years and that brings us to today. My first gig was in an Orange Leaf parking lot filled with all of my friends. After 8 years of talent shows and countless hours of practice, I was finally making money doing something I love. I graduated high school in 2013, and am now attending the University of Missouri. I still find time between all of my engineering coursework to devote to my music, and still dream of performing on a big stage for thoudsands of people. With a little more practice and risky moves, it could happen. Keep your fingers crossed.